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Defensive Structures

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Video reviews

Courtney simplifies this defensive structure and gives examples of common threats and how to deal with them.

Great Britain & Northern Ireland

Very useful and practical advice.


Coupling this video with the Graham Henry video provides both a macro & microscopic view of the defensive structure.


This was actually an eye opener for me as my defense lacked structure. On the last set were the boy’s shifted on the defense line I used a elastic rope tied to straps on the boy’s to help them shift as a unit. it worked like a bomb. Thanks guy’s

South Africa

In this video Courtney Lawes takes you through a number of defensive systems and structures, outlining where each player has to go and what responsibilities they each have for their role. “The key with defence is to stay in your structure, follow the game plan and to maintain talking amongst the players.”

Duration 12:54
Topics Defence Breakdown
Languages English , Español