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Planning for the season with Graham Henry

As coaches we need to place a lot of importance on the off the field side of things. I think this part of rugby is hugely important, if you can get it right, your team can play to it’s potential. In this course I take you through some of the off field planning that goes into a team, helps to ensure success of that team on the field.

Part 1. Introduction   3:27 Free video

In part one we briefly go through what it's all about, and some key things to think about while watching the rest of the course.


Part 2. Chunk the season 2:09 Member content

In this part we'll go through how I think you should structure your overall season to achieve the best results. Play video

Part 3. Pre-season games 2:33 Member content

Why are pre-season games important and how should you approach them? Find out in this part of the course! Play video

Part 4. Dual-managed teams 5:27 Member content

We'll go through why and how can you find and work with others in managing the team and players. Play video

Part 5. Weekly plan 2:15 Member content

What do you do each week? How do you plan the week to get the best out of the team. We'll go through all that in this part of the course. Play video

Part 6. Individual training sessions 4:16 Member content

"How long should your training sessions be? What should be in them and why? In this part we'll go through how you should approach each training session. Play video

Part 7. Motivation 1:57 Member content

You need a motivated team to get results, and in this part we'll go through some ways to keep your team highly motivated. Play video

Part 8. Video analysis 2:08 Free video

I think video analysis is critical, and in this part I take you through some ways you can analyse your games and how it will help your team. Play video

Course Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8
Extras Includes a companion PDF
Duration 24:03
Topics Coaches Corner Leadership & Management
Applicable to Coaches  
Languages English , Español

Course reviews

Not sure about the point re talent versus character…cases in point the likes of Cooper, Cipriani and Spencer who were never stable influences in a team, particularly as 10s


Again first class and simple.


Great video


mas que una opinion una pregunta, en divisiones juveniles las destrezas individuales por puesto en que momento esta sugerido entrenarlas


These are great advice from Coach Henry. He makes things very easy to understand for coaches and for players which wrapped up with what he was trying to say about the coaches and the players to be one. Thanks for sharing the knowledge.


This is fantastic insight by Sir Graham. I am planning our 2015 season now & I have found this counsel from one of the greatest ever coaches to be just so valuable. Thanks to the Rugby Site for the help in developing as a coach

New Zealand

Hi to the team at the rugby site. I love the video sessions that I have watched so far and have even told other coache to invest in them. I do have a problem though in that several of the videos don’t load at all such as the season planning video as well as attack of 10 video.

South Africa

Planning and organisation a vital part of the overall set up, once again an excellent and informative set of videos


Helpful information by Graham Henry, how to develop a years plan, by doing mini plans within.


Great information and good insight into a critical part of the game


Hi Herminio, you can watch Graham’s video on ‘Defence’ here Graham Henry’s Defence We also ran a Q&A with Graham where you might find some useful answers here Hope this helps!

New Zealand

Hi Guys, Yes after watching this video,I found it very helpful to some one whos moving on up the coaching ladder to coach at club level or higher..Good clear advice from Sir Graham Henry.

New Zealand

Just watched and listened to Graham points. They are simple and well thought out and for learning coaches with a passion to succeed will be very useful to them. As a coach I believe this site is a great tool but there needs to be more individual position components as I believe this is such massive role of a coach. E.G halfback passing, lineout jumping, loose and tight head prop roles in a scrum and how to combat opposing props if they are getting the better of you. cheers Brett


Graham , for you wich is de best defensive sistem , that can play one team?


I believe that planning of season is very very important. If you do it right, the part within the field is easy. Good to hear tips from those who know they are talking about.


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