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Video reviews

Could someone explain the game Duel to me. If I understand it when one of the attackers has an opening, or a two versus one opportunity, they call “Duel”. However, since I couldn’t really hear the players it was hard to determine when they were calling out the word and what they were seeing that made them think they had an opening. Thanks


This session is superbly structured to gradually introduce lessons learnt in support drills into game situations.

Great Britain & Northern Ireland

Hi Theo, Wayne is referring to duel as in battle. Hope this clarifies things for you. Cheers, Chloe

New Zealand

is it a duel as in a battle or a dual as in two players bound?

New Zealand

Great stuff. Only issue I had was at times the audio was very low on a laptop, but on a desktop with speakers it was perfect.


I find support play hugely inspirational and motivational to me as a coach. In this video I will show you the ways to get players involved with ball in hand and through effective positioning of players in support, give continuity to the game and an ability to play fifteen man rugby.

Extras Includes a companion PDF
Duration 26:56
Topics Attack
Languages English , Español