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Game Based Team Attack

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Video reviews

Love the concept of saving the drill (5m channel passing) as a means of re-focusing technique that may be suffering in the larger team games and then returning to the game.


good video from the former England coach


Too much ball gazing…this exercise would be more effective if ball receivers position themselves a lot quicker and get the spacing and alignment correct opposite the defender to create better passing lanes to “Hold” your defender therefore creating more space out wide. Looks cold there :) nice BA nice

New Zealand

Typically Brian – always entertaining, good entertainment and a common sense approach (althought that’s not too common) towards team attack and the space. Thoroughly recommend this video.

New Zealand

Really liked this video from Brian Ashton. He talks a lot about the short passing game and its something that interests me as a schools coach. The majority of teams attempt to play with width using wide passes but I love the way mark ella (australia backline in 70/80s) threatened defences with the short passing game. If possible could Brian elaborate on this topic as Id love to develop my understanding of the short passing game thanks. Dermot


“I’m a great believer that you gain and improve game understanding by actually playing games.” In this video Ashton takes you through a variety of game specific activities that will help players keep the game up tempo; understand the space between attack and defence; and challenge defenders all the time. Not only to organise themselves but to start thinking and talking at the same time!

Extras Includes a companion PDF
Duration 31:32
Topics Attack
Applicable to Coaches  
Languages English , Español