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Decision Making on Attack

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Video reviews

The message was clear and simple to understand. Dan Carter explained not only to look for space but also ways of getting the ball to that space. I like this video because it gives the number 10 options which help him with his decision making and also how the team should react to the situation. Dan Carter also talk about making sure that all the gaps were closed by placing wingers and a fullback at the right spot.


Muy bueno y didáctico.


simple and easy to understand for all age groups including coaches


Best video from the DC himself. Awesome


My Under 9 son understood what Carter was saying about space awareness, seeing the gaps and playing with vision. Great video.

Great Britain & Northern Ireland

Very good simple and insightful video gets across the messages in a way that junior players can understand and more importantly act upon. Recommended


Identifying where the space is and getting the ball there as quickly as possible is the key to any effective attack. In this video I’ll take you through what I look for in an opposition defence that shapes my decision making on attack.

Duration 15:27
Topics Attack
Languages English , Español