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Building a Backline

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Video reviews

I’m a belgian trainer and it’s very interesting to see how you explain and train your players


Just what I’ve been looking for !! It’s a joy to watch such excellent coaching delivered in a calm and specific way. Im delighted to have found your site and looking forward to watching many more sessions.

Many thanks,



This is gold.


Genius way to organise the depth of your backline. Easy to follow, challenging and effective.

Great Britain & Northern Ireland

Really simplisic but effective stuff, I’ll will attempt this with my backline this week, as sometimes we over run attacking ball. The triggering of the players run is probably the most difficult for individuals to grasp. I will review this and report back on the success…..


In this video we will build a backline based on logic. Establishing firstly a base combination between 9 and 10, which is hugely important for a backline to function and then looking at the roles of the rest of the backs. Giving us a backline with real rhythm and timing.

Extras Includes a companion PDF
Duration 35:47
Topics Attack
Languages English , Español