This Week’s New Releases

Evasion The Fend

Ben Herring takes us through the process of using the fend to force your way past a defender.

Being able to fend accurately and powerfully adds another dimension to your attack arsenal. Just watch videos of the late great Jonah for evidence.

Watch how Ben creates a ‘sword’ of a fend for you to cut through opposition defences. Also note how Ben emphasises to protect the ball away from the defender.

Watch right here and put your opposition to the sword! Watch Ben’s Latest Video Here!

Block play

Are your players ready to take their strength to the next level?

Dean Rice is back with his final progression video.

Dean is now progressing all the exercises to create better strength gains. It’s still pitched for beginners, but the concepts are awesome for all, except, perphaps Warren, our producer, he doesn’t like gyms.

Think of it like money in the bank. It all builds up.
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